Barrier Free Flow & Shine - 200ml

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Barrier Free Flow & Shine - 200ml

Concentrated Knot & Dreadlock Detangler for Unruly, Dense, Free Flowing Manes & Tails.

Use: Unruly dreadlocks, ringlets, knotted and tangled manes and tails will be a thing of the past.
�Free Flow & Shine� is specifically designed and manufactured as a grooming aid for use on thick, free flowing manes, tails & feathers.

Effective: Barrier Animal Healthcare prides itself on top quality, effective products that you can trust at affordable prices.
Free Flow & Shine is very concentrated. A little product goes a long way and is not sticky or oily. Instantly works to loosen and detangle knots, ringlets, dreadlocks and to deep condition unruly manes, tails and feathers.
Free Flow & Shine is a unique formulation, which will not dry out the hair.
Includes UV protection and silk proteins to deep condition and strengthen each strand of hair, resulting in a smooth, flat not fluffed silky, soft appearance and texture.

Helps to Repel Dirt: Free Flow & Shine gives a long lasting condition and shine, which will help to repel mud, dust and dirt, and cut down on grooming time.

Directions for use: If your horse�s mane or tail is dirty or caked with heavy soiling we recommend that you first of all shampoo and condition the hair and gently towel dry.
Then you are ready to apply a small amount of Free Flow & Shine to the palm of your hand or directly to clean, dry or damp towel dried tangled hair.
Gently work it into the knots and tangles from the bottom upwards with your finger tips. Do not use a brush or comb, at this stage as this will snap the hairs. Continue to use small amounts of product to gently loosen the tangles.
Finally you can gently brush through to a silky, smooth shine.

Contains: Silk Extract, Sunscreen, Vitamin E, Panthenol & Natural Fragrance.

FEI & HRA Rules: No materials have knowingly been included in this product that may contravene current rules.

Pack Size: 200ml with flip top lid for ease of use.




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