Horsewear, Headcollars And Leads,

Rhinegold Nylon Foal Headcollar

Fully Adjustable Code: 311

Rhinegold Padded Lead

Soft Feel Lead - Code: 316

Rhinegold Heavy Duty Cotton Lead Rope

With Brass Trigger Hook And Leather Trim Code: 329

Rhinegold Cotton Lead Rope

Huge Selling Item- NEW COLOURS ADDED! Code: 312

Rhinegold Twin Coloured Lead Rope

With Brass Trigger Hook - 9 Colours Code: 313

Rhinegold Heavy Brass Lead

Single Chain Code: 271

Heritage Anatomical Leather Lined Headcollar

Softee Leather Padded Head, Cheeks And Nose Code: 140

Heritage Padded Leather Lined Headcollar

Padded Crown, Nose, Throat And Cheekpieces Code: 160

Rhinegold Anatomical Softee Leather Padded Headcollar

Beautifully Soft Leather Headpiece And Noseband Code: R120

Rhinegold Padded Logo Headcollar

With Comfy Fur Trim Code: 353

Rhinegold Comfort Headcollar And Lead Rope Set

Adjusts On Near And Off Side Of Headpiece Code: 350

Rhinegold Luxe Lead Rope

Lovely Quality Code: 319

Rhinegold Fur Trimmed And Lined Nylon Headcollar

Fur Lined Striped Headcollar Code: 6006

Rhinegold Rope Halter


Rhinegold Neon Lead Rope

3 NEON Colours!! Code: 398

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