Horse Healthcare, Global Herbs,

Global Herbs Firm Up - 1 Kilo (was Diareeze)

Was Gastrofix/Diareeze Code: Z954

Global Herbs Citronella Spray - 750ml

Perfect For Freshening Up The Stable Code: Z992

Global Herbs Movefree - 1kg Tub

Formerly Known As Movefree Maintenance Code: Z937

Global Herbs Turmeric Gold- 1.8kg Tub

New Tub Size 1.8 Kilo Code: Z936

Global Herbs Veteran Plus-1 Kilo (Was Old Age)

Formally Known As Old Age Code: Z979

Global Herbs Skratch - 1kg Tub (was Super Skratch)

Formerly Super Skratch Code: Z1039

Global Herbs HerbalCalm-1Kg Tub (was Thoroughbred Calmer)

(Replaces Thoroughbred Calmer) Code: Z1004

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