Barrier Ragwort Control Spray- 5 Litre

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Barrier Ragwort Control Spray- 5 litre

Destroy Ragwort in record time with Barrier H. Designed as a spot spray treatment, it can be used ALL YEAR ROUND even in winter. Applied to flowerheads, it will stop the seeding process. The purchaser or end users are responsible for ensuring that Barrier H is used in line with industry approved Codes of Practice. ALL OPERATORS must be trained and certificated to apply Barrier H. By proceeding with your purchase, you are confirming that you hold the the necessary Certificate.

Licence: Barrier H is the world's first herbicide made using only natural plant derivatives from sustainable resources - licensed on the 14th April 2000. MAPP no. 10136

Application: Apply in accordance with the instructions on the Container

Cost effectiveness: Barrier H will destroy ragwort at all stages of growth and any time of year, but it is more cost effective to treat when at small seedling stage. The stems of larger plants and flowering plants become thick and woody and more difficult to penetrate with Barrier H. The whole of the plant has to be covered with Barrier H and so flowering stage is not a good time to apply. Winter application is a good time to apply Barrier H because Ragwort is easily visable. Traditional weeds and grasses die back and Ragwort seedlings and re-growth from older plants appear. Ensure the whole plant is well wetted but not to the point of run off. This especially applies to large flowering plants - the WHOLE plant has to be wetted.

Exclusion From Grazing: Ensure that you apply Barrier H to the whole of the Ragwort weed. After application, we recommend that animals are kept away from treated pasture for 2 weeks, or until the ragwort is completely dead and any debris (with more mature plants) has been removed. This is not because Barrier H is in any way harmful, but, because the dying ragwort becomes palatable and dangerous to animals. Remember the root is the last part of the plant to die, so be careful not to remove any dead tops too soon.



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