Barrier Super Plus Fly Repel Gel - 500ml

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Barrier Super Plus Fly Repel Gel - 500ml

Uses: Super Plus Fly Repellent is your best form of defence against air borne attack. Designed to deter all those nasty flying insects such as MIDGES, BOTS, HORSE FLIES, BLACK FLIES, FACE FLIES, STABLE FLIES AND BLACK FLIES on horses and ponies by direct application, whilst calming and soothing the effects of midge bite. Our strong formulation with incredible staying power is ready to fight even larger, blood sucking and repellent resistant bugs, ensuring it is your only choice to help your horse live comfortably and happily in a bug free environment. 'STRONG - LONG LASTING - STOPS THE NEED TO RUB - KIND WITH SENSITIVE HORSES IN MIND.'

Gels are ideal for more awkward areas such as the sheath, head, under the belly and backs of the heels. When applying gels, use more sparingly and take extra care especially in hot conditions as ALL gels tend to attract sunlight and there may be a risk of sunburn.

Refill: Also available in a 1L and a 500ml refill which is suitable for those horses that are unsure about sprays.




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