Hilton Herbs Easy Mare-1kg Tub

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Hilton Herbs Easy Mare-1kg Tub

Many mares, especially those that are very young or in poor condition, can exhibit excessive behavioural and physical signs when they are in-season. Early spring can also be a difficult time and yard changes such as the introduction of youngstock or new geldings can also create changes in behaviour. Use our proven herbal supplement to help support your mare and help her maintain a calm and steady outlook and a healthy balanced hormonal system throughout the year. Please note that herbs can take a month to be fully absorbed by the horse's system.

For more general support of behaviour and axiety issues try our Calm & Collected range. We do not recommend feeding these two supplements together as there would be duplication of many of the herbs and we would advise against giving additional valerian.

This supplement can also be helpful for competive stallions and 'riggy' geldings as well - please contact us for further details.



1 Kg Tub,

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