Agrifence Solar Energiser SP18

All-in-One Solar Powered Energiser - Fenceline Distance - 500m To 2, 000m

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Agrifence Solar Energiser SP18

These compact, robust and reliable All-in-One Solar Powered Energisers are easy to use, and are designed to give continuous maintenance-free operation over the grazing season. The Powertronic Technology monitors the fence-line and only sends full power out when it is needed to optimise the battery life. The built-in 12v gel battery can also be topped up or maintained through winter or storage times using the mains adapter/charger included with the unit.
There are two models to choose from: The SP18 strip grazing small paddock unit or the more powerful SP50(see code H6331) for longer fences or larger paddocks.
Features include:
- 3 year warranty.
- 12v gel battery built-in.
- Fence pulse indicator.
- Battery protect function.
- Mount post / earth stake included.
- Mains charger included.
- Fence & earth leads included.

  • Stored Energy 0.23 Joules
  • No vegetation - 2km Fence length.
  • Average Vegetation - 500m Fence length.
  • Heavy Vegetation - Not recommended.



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