Agrifence Secur 2400+ Powered Mains Energiser

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Agrifence Secur 2400+ Powered Mains Energiser

A best selling mains energiser! The Secur 2400 is a high powered unit which can be used for varying conditions or for animals that are difficult to contain. LED control indicators enable the checking of earthing quality, insulation condition and, if the fence line is connected back to the energiser, will confirm that power is travelling the whole length of the fence. A second, lower power output terminal can also be used to run a second fence simultaneously.

  • Standard size case design.
  • Bi-Pulse technology delivers double pulse for twice the effect.
  • Second reduced power output for shorter or secondary fence line.
  • Fence return feature to monitor insulation & test earth connections.
  • Voltage leak detection.
  • Anti cut-off feature maintains power to either side of a break in the line.



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