Grooming Kit,

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Harlequin Plastic Sweat Scraper

Traditional Style Code: 351

Harlequin Cactus Mitt

Traditional Grooming Aid Code: 382

Harlequin Metal Curry Comb

With Wooden Handle Code: 383

Harlequin Hoof Pick Brush

In 6 Colours Code: 357

Harlequin Face Brushes

Box Of 10 Code: 372

Harlequin Metal Hoof Picks

Pack Of 10 Code: 364

Harlequin Quartermarkers

In Diamonds Or Squares Code: 3022

Harlequin Plaiting Bands

Small Packs Of Rubber Bands Code: 379

Harlequin Plastic Curry Combs

Mixed Colours -Pack Of 6 Code: 356

Harlequin Trimming Scissors

Curved For Safe Trimming Code: 3001

Harlequin Long Plastic Mane/Tail Combs

Pack Of 10 Mixed Colours Code: 384

Harlequin Junior Grooming Kit

Big Selling Item Code: 363

Harlequin Hoof Oil Brush With Cap

Pack Of 6 Mixed Colours Code: VB013

Rhinegold Silicone Plaiting Bands In Handy Tub

Innovative- Fabulously Stretchy! Code: 386

Rhinegold Soft Touch Dandy Brushes

Box Of 10 Mixed Colours Code: 901

Rhinegold Soft Touch Flexible Back Body Brushes

Box Of 10 Mixed Colours Code: 902

Rhinegold Soft Touch Mane And Tail Brushes

Box Of 6 Mixed Colours Code: 903

Rhinegold Soft Touch Mane Combs

Pack Of 10 Mixed Colours Code: 904

Rhinegold Soft Touch Hoof Picks

Pack Of 12 Mixed Colours Code: 905

Rhinegold Grooming Bag - Luggage Range

Without Kit- In 3 Colours- Big Selling Item Code: 906

Harlequin Shedding Blade

Handy Tack Box Item Code: 900

Rhinegold Soft Touch Body Brushes

Heart-shaped Box Of 5 Code: 915

Harlequin Dottie Hoof Pick/Brushes

Display Box Of 18 Mixed Code: 922

Rhinegold Soft Touch Curry Combs

Heart-shaped Box Of 5 Code: 913

Rhinegold Soft Touch Mane & Tail Brushes

Heart-shaped Box Of 5 Code: 914

Rhinegold Crystal Body Brush

A Touch Of Sparkle! Code: 911

Rhinegold Soft Touch Grooming Brush Blister Pack

In Attractive Blister Pack Code: 908

Harlequin Hoof Oil Brush & Cap

Display Box Of 24 Code: 932

Harlequin Tangle Wrangler Combs-Pack Of 6

These Really Work ! Code: 376

Harlequin Thinning Combs

Pack Of 6 Code: 368

Rhinegold Curved Dandy Brushes

Display Box Of 10 Code: 919

Rhinegold Soft Goat Hair Body Brush

Black Leather Handle Code: 909

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