Fly Masks And Fringes,

Windsor Cotton Fly Veil

Soft Cotton Code: 323

Harlequin Fly Fringe

Velcro Fastening Code: 324

Rhinegold Fly Veil

Useful Noise Muffler Code: 610

Legacy Rip-Stop Fly Mask

Available In 4 Sizes Code: FMNC

Rhinegold Fly Mask With Ears

Great Price, Huge Seller Code: 476

Rhinegold Fly Mask Without Ears

Great Price, Huge Seller Code: 475

Rhinegold Fly Fringe

NEW FOR 2016! Code: 341

Rhinegold Fly Veil/Noise Muffler


Fly Masks And FringesKeeping The Flies Away Is An Essential Part Of Daily Life With Horses During The Warmer Months. Snowhill Offer Veils You Can Ride In, Fringes For Headcollars And Masks For The Field.
Offering Your Customers A Wide Range To Choose From Whatever Their Requirements.

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